Elected Officials

The Council oversees all administrative functions of the city. The council is responsible for setting tax levies along with implementing a yearly budget, and implementing and upholding all ordinances and regulations for which the City must follow.

The City of Mabel is governed by four council members and a mayor. Council members have 4 year terms and the mayor has a two year term. Every even year an election occurs for which the mayor is up for reelection and two council members are up for reelection.

The Mabel City Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month, 6:00 p.m., at the Mabel City Hall Meeting Room.

For questions please contact City Clerk, Karen Larson, at 507-493-5299 or karen.larson@cityofmabel.com.

James Westby – Mayor
Mayor James Westby was elected as mayor to the city council in 2015. He is a Business Agent for local Union 669. He also serves on the Mabel Economic Development Authority. He resides at 614 East Fillmore Avenue and can be reached at (507) 493-5457 or (507) 206-9542or email westby@mabeltel.coop.

Terry Torkelson – Council Member
Council Member Terry Torkelson was elected to the City Council in 1999. He is self employed with Horizon Ag Services LLC. He resides at 307 E Fillmore Ave and can be reached at (507) 493-5951.

Kirsten Wyffels – Council Member
Council Member Kirsten Wyffels was elected to the City Council in 2005. She is president of the Mabel Economic Development Authority. She works at the Winneshiek Medical Center-Mabel Clinic as a nurse practitioner with her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. She can be reached at (507) 493-5972.

Adam Wilder – Council Member

Council Member Adam Wilder was elected to the City Council in 2019. He works at Mabel-Canton Public Schools as a special education teacher and coach. Adam is also on the Fire Department. Adam resides at 324 Minnesota Ave W and can be contacted at 507-493-5196

Cory Wilson-Council Member

Council Member Cory Wilson was elected to council in 2021 and has lived in Mabel since 2010. Cory has worked for Summit Fire Protection since 2006. He has been on the Fire Department since 2019 and drives for Mabel Ambulance. Home phone is 507-493-5040 email wilson@mabeltel.coop

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